GM Wants Everyone to Bring Back Their Camaros

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Scott McCracken
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GM is recalling every single current-generation Camaro, all 511,528 of them, because of an ignition switch issue similar to the one that already killed 13 people. Or 74 or more depending on who you ask.

The driver's knee can bump into the key fob causing it to inadvertently move the ignition out of the 'run' positon. Once that happens you're like Popeye without spinach -- just a bunch of flabby muscles you can't use.

Not The Same Problem ... Kind Of, Sort Of

GM insists this is not the same issue that affected the Cobalt and millions of other vehicles. That's because the Camaro's ignition switch met all engineering specifications at the time. You say potato, I say whatever ... the end result is the same.

What isn't the same, however, is how GM handled the problem after they discovered it through internal testing. They cross-referenced NHTSA data for consumer complaints potentially related to the issue, found 3 crashes and 4 minor injuries that matched up, and then decided to issue a recall. This whole "pro-active" thing is out of character for GM, but I like it.

What To Do Next

The recalled cars will get new keys where the ignition key and fob are independent of each other. This covers all 2010-2014 Camaros, but there is no word on when the recall will start. In the mean time, owners with questions can contact Chevrolet at 800-222-1020. In the other meantime, you can do whatever one does with mean time.

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