Chevy Says They Have A More Permanent Fix to Prevent Bolt Battery Fires

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Chevy says battery scans and software update will allow 2017-2019 Bolt owners to once again charge their batteries to full capacity. The EVs were recalled last November following reports of the batteries catching on fire while charging near 100%. As a temporary measure, owners were asked to limit their battery's charging capacity to 90% until a more permanent fix could be found.

That permanent fix is a diagnostic scan by dealers to look for potential battery anamolies and a software update that can detect potential issues related to changes in battery module performance before they become potential problems.

About the Bolt EV Battery Recall

  • If a battery anamoly is detected, GM will replace the battery module assembly. All Bolts will be eligible for the software upgrade whether they were recalled or not.
  • GM says the rollout of the recall will be phased. The fix is available to 2019 model owners now and 2017-2018 owners by the end of May 2021.
  • The software will be installed by default in 2022 Bolt EVs.
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