Canadian Bolt Owners Already Had Winter Range Anxiety, a Recent Software Update Only Made it Worse

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Scott McCracken
Car owners about to plug-in to an EV charging station

The combination of cold-weather and a recent software update is diminishing the Chevy Bolt's range by an estimated 33% according to a new class-action lawsuit. That has sparked some serious range anxiety for Canadian owners. Most EV owners are aware that cold weather is going to slow the battery down a bit, but that problem has been compounded by GM's decision to limit the Bolt's charging capacity to 90%.

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  • That limitation is temporarily in place to prevent the car from catching on fire. Seems like a good idea. Although I guess if you ended up stranded on the side of a cold Canadian highway a Bolt bonfire isn't the worst thing that could happen.
  • This isn't the only range anxiety lawsuit to pop up after that decision. And with cold-weather swooping all the way down to Texas I wouldn't be surprised if we see more like it.
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