Lawsuit Says Equinox Piston Ring Problems Cause 2.4-Liter Engines to Consume Too Much Oil, Overheat, and Stall

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Side view of a blue Equinox on the road

It's no secret that the Equinox's 2.4-liter EcoTech engine has problems with excessive oil consumption. Now there's a lawsuit that wants Chevy to do something about it.

In the end, the plaintiffs claim the EcoTec 2.4-liter piston rings can't maintain a sufficient seal within the crankcase. The engines also contribute to the oil consumption due to spray jets that spray oil onto the piston skirts and cylinder walls.

Although the SUVs have systems to warn drivers of low oil pressure, the lawsuit alleges the systems don't provide warnings early enough to prevent engine damage.

The lawsuit covers the 2nd generation (2010-2017) Equinox.

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