What the Frunk is Going On With the Corvette's Front Trunk?

TL;DR GM issues a second recall for the frunk because owners are inadvertently driving with it open
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Close up of red Corvette frunk

The frunk is back in the news.

Just a couple weeks after being recalled for failing to meet latch safety standards the front trunk is being recalled again for flying open while the vehicle is in motion.

So it stays closed when you need it to open, and opens when you need it to stay shut? Got it.

The problem is a combination of user error and a flawed design. What appears to be happening is that owners are inadvertently opening their frunks with the key fob when the car is parked. They then drive away and ignore the visible and audible warnings telling them the frunk is open.

One gust of wind or quick acceleration and that puppy can come flying up and block your entire view.

GM will try to address the problem with an over-the-air software update by making it harder to inadvertently open the frunk. And if you do and choose to ignore the safety warnings, the software will limit your speed to 26mph.

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