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What's Wrong with the Chevrolet Suburban?

The Chevrolet Suburban has a total of 1047 complaints. The majority of the complaints involve the engine (38%) followed by the interior (13%) and the electrical (7%).

The 10th generation (2000–2006) has the worst overall PainRank™ of 11.27.

How Suburban Generations Rank

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Trending Suburban Complaints

Let's take a look at complaints on the rise from Suburban owners over at

The complaints are sorted by their PainRank™ which is a score calculated by combining data points such as 1) how long does it take for the problem to start 2) how much does it cost to fix 3) what rank did owners assign to this problem, etc.

Most Complained About Suburban Years

A quick look at which years have the highest complaint volumes. Clicking on the year will take you to their problem pages on